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Do you know any software to create professional looking resume for free


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May 3, 2020
I need to create a resume for applying to an IT company, can anyone suggest me some resume making Softwares that are easy to use and also free. Yeah, I know that we can create using WordPad or Google docs. But I need a resume making software that can make resumes that looks sooooooo creative and professional in design like the examples I have attached below.



  • PENELOPE-Free-Resume-Template.png
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  • Berlin-Premium-Professional-Resume-Template-3.jpg
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HI! you can check Canva, It's a free tool and they have professional-looking resume templates just like the pictures you have attached. All you have to do is edit and put your information in it.
Creating a standout resume can make a big difference, especially when applying to an IT company. While free software can be helpful, sometimes, a little editing magic can make them even more impressive. You've got the right idea with WordPad and Google Docs, but if you're looking for that extra flair, you might want to explore Canva. It's user-friendly and offers stylish templates that can give your resume a professional edge. Speaking of professional edges, I came across some handy tips on asking for a letter of recommendation at https://www.selectcourses.com/how-to-аsk-for-a-letter-of-recommendation/ which might come in handy for you

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I stumbled upon this thread and noticed it's been around for a while, but hopefully, my response will still be helpful for you or others looking for the same thing. You're absolutely right, a visually striking resume can really make you stand out, especially in the IT field where you're up against a sea of other qualified candidates.
Since you're in IT, I also wanted to point out an interesting angle: leveraging AI for your resume. There's an article that lists several AI-driven prompts to enhance the content of your resume at https://excalibur.guide/ai/ai-resume-writing-prompts/. It offers intriguing ways to make your resume not just visually appealing but also content-rich. You can use these prompts for inspiration and then import the content into any design tool of your choice.
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