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Solved Does RAM need driver to work properly? Where can i download it?


Dec 22, 2019
I have upgraded my RAM from 8Gb to 16Gb however It appears to be having an opposite impact on my laptop.. plenty of programs and games are being sluggish/slower than before, For example:
Minecraft 8Gb ram = 60FPS (even if using packages which include fraps)
Minecraft 16Gb ram = 30-50FPS fashionable and 10-20 FPS the use of fraps
Black Ops 2 8Gb ram = 60FPS
Black Ops 2 16Gb ram = 5FPS and now it doesn't even release
Cod Ghosts: 8Gb ram = 30FPS MP
Cod Ghosts: 16Gb ram = 10FPS MP 20FPS SP
I understand ghosts are already mentioned to be laggy but as you may see. for the reason that ram increase, it has become worse. After searching out solutions all I got here across becoming update java/DirectX etc... but that did not paintings. I then determined someone announcing replace "ALL" your drivers. I have updated as many drivers as I'm able to (which include my display and USB devices) and it still does not make a difference. The best driver I failed to update is my RAM because I can't discover the vicinity to replace it. My buddy informed me you do not get RAM drivers however my different buddy says you do (they may be both computers smart so I don't know which to trust) So what should I do? Is their a repair for excessive lag when growing RAM? Are their drivers for RAM and the way do I update them? Please help!
Specs are:
Processor: Ryxen 2600
Ram: 16.0GB
GFX: Nvidia Geforce GTX 460

There is no need for drivers to be installed for RAM sticks to work properly but here are some things you might wanna consider.
  • To get the best possible performance from your ram you would always keep your BIOS updated
  • Some RGB RAMs usually the ones released during the initial times may need separate software only to control the RGB lights
  • Sometimes the manufacturer will provide software to easily overclock their ram modules
In short, you don't need to install any driver software on your operating system.
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No drivers are required - update to latest BIOS if your DRAM is 1600 or higher then enable XMP and try that - if you are still getting problems let us know what specific set of DRAM you have (or sets if more than one package of DRAM in use (and if so that may be the problem, mixing sets can be problematic)
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No, RAM doesn't have drivers. You may, in any case, have purchased an alternate sort of RAM that is either causing some contrariness or is just running at a more slow speed. Check your BIOS to ensure your RAM is running at a similar speed and timings. In the event that it's not, you'll have to overclock your new RAM to coordinate your old one. This is finished by constraining it to run at quicker speeds as well as more tightly timings. On the off chance that it gets flimsy, increment the voltage only a smidgen until it's steady.
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RAM is just a temporary space directly used by CPU and other components on the motherboard (DMI). RAM as it is essential for CPU to even work, there cannot be an implementation where the main system memory(RAM) needs a driver to operate.
The funny part is that drivers along with the kernel has to be loaded into RAM, so having a driver for RAM will be like no way to load any drivers because RAM driver can't be loaded because there is not RAM.
Some RAMs do have additional hardware. These hardware are not "RAM" they are just decoration or cooling solution. Which can be controlled with a driver but normally do work without a driver in default mode.

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