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Echo/looping on call on Redmi Note 7 Pro custom roms

Have you faced this issue?

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Dec 30, 2016
I have tried a lot of custom ROM and all of them have the sam issue. The person on the other end will hear echoes/loop of their own voice. Some roms like Pixel Plus UI has fixed this but only for Whatsapp and Telegram on earpiece, if you switch to speaker mode then the looping starts.
I know not many people uses Hangouts but you use hangouts on speaker then you will hear a lot of irritating noise, I hope no caller should hear such noises.

Apparently with the help of Abhiram Shibu Abhiram Shibu we found that the noise cancellation is messed up on Android 11 based custom ROMs. Yes you can flash an Android 10 ROM and be completely fine. I haven't tried Pixel Experience and Resurrection Remix ROMs and everything is ok.

But the things is exept for Resurrection Remix all other Android 10 roms have been discontinued so if you can ignore the latest security patches then flash Android 10.

Ok, so anyone here know a fix for this Android 11? Or if it gets fixed then do let me know, reply here.



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