Solved Elementor Editor Screen not loading


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Elementor Editor page is not loading for me I tried all methods I found online but still can't get it to work, I have enabled switch editor mode and still, it did not help. I have all the server requirement as recommended but still not working.
When I click the edit with elementor option I get a white loading screen which loads indefinitely and an "Enable safe mode" option pops up on the bottom right corner, when I click to enable it me an error message saying "An error occurred"
What should i do to fix this?
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Akhil Daz

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I had this problem before, i tried many solutions I found online but couldn't get it to work. I was a simple fix, it was simple as installing a plugin. I was using Cloudflare as my CDN on that site and was using Cloudflare's free SSL option which was creating a mixed content issue ie. you will get a broken SSL and your padlock sign in the address bar of your browser will be shown with a caution or some kind of error symbol.
So the solution to this was I should fix the mixed content issue. To fix that I needed to install a plugin on my WordPress to correct the mixed content issue caused by Cloudflare's flexible SSL.
I installed "Cloudflare Flexible SSL" plugin and all the Elementor not loading issues was fixed.
If you are using Cloudflare then try this, hope this work for you :)