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Explorer.exe is always crashing.


Aug 13, 2018
any solution???

Update Windows 10
Once you’ve found that Windows 10 explorer.exe crashes frequently, the foremost method you can try is updating Windows 10. As Microsoft have released the fix for this problem, a system update may solve it within minutes. To run a system update in Windows 10, follow the simple steps given below.
  1. Click on Start and then select Settings.
  2. In the settings window, click on Update & security.
  3. Next, navigate to Windows Update and click on Check for updates.
  4. Now Windows 10 will search for updates and install them (if any).

  1. Run a Disk CheckIf the problem is still there even after the Windows 10 update or if you couldn’t update the Windows, the second method you can try is Running a Disk Check on your computer. This could fix minor problems in the system files or the hard drive. To run a disk check in Windows 10, follow the steps given below.
    1. Open Run command by pressing Win+R.
    2. Type cmd and press Enter.
    3. The Command Prompt window will open up.
    4. Type chkdsk /f on the command line and press Enter.
    5. Now the Task Manager window will pop up. On the startup tab, select each item and click Disable.
    6. Close Task Manager.
    7. Return to the Startup tab of the System Configuration dialog box and click OK.
    8. Restart the Computer.
    9. Now Windows will start in clean boot mode. If the problem has finally been fixed, uninstall all applications in your Windows and reinstall them.
      If the problem still exists, you may go for a system restore or reinstallation of your Windows. That will surely help to fix explorer.exe crashing issue in Windows 10.