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GameSir F3 Plus Mobile Gamepad Review


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Feb 17, 2018
Two Finger Claw/Thumb, Four Finger Claw, Five Finger Claw controls... Sounds familiar, isn’t it? Yes, I m talking about the methods that are used by mobile players to win battle royale games such as PUBG (Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, Call of Duty Mobile, Fortnite mobile).

Some gamers find it difficult to play using the Four/Five finger claw method like me, so players like us depend on Two-Finger claw control. The disadvantage here happens to be the fact that you cannot look, move, and shoot all at the same time. Engaging with an enemy will usually happen at a distance where the only option is to take cover and return fire by only looking around and not moving.

Those who wish to use the classic Two Finger control but still want the ability of the Four Finger method can look to buy GameSir F3 Plus Pocket Gamepad. These are gamepads that can be attached to the mobile phone. Each pad consist of a trigger button, capacitive rotatable joystick, led notification, micro USB charging port, and hollow bracket.

Comes with a small box that contains 2 Pads, a micro USB cable, and an instruction manual. Before first time use, it is recommended to put the Gamepads in charge till its full. Each pad has individual batteries.GameSir uses AirFlash technology which activates the signals in capacitance grips without the media of touchscreen, for this it has individual batteries. As I mentioned earlier, each pad has a micro USB port and led notification behind. When the charge is full, notification led turns OFF.

Putting the mobile phone is pretty straight forward. Each pad has a thin layer of rubber grip underneath so that the mobile cannot move easily. Gamepads have got a nice ergonomic design and comfortable to hold.

photo_2020-07-04_19-07-48.jpg photo_2020-07-04_19-07-59.jpg


1.Easy to set up and compatible with almost all phones in my opinion. I tested it in Poco F1 as well as Realme 3 Pro. Newer phones with different camera placements can have issues because of the camera bump but can be adjusted accordingly.
2.Trigger buttons feel premium and responsive to the assigned game input
3.Ports are accessible as I mentioned earlier each handle have their own hollow brackets
4.No need of Bluetooth connection just set up, and play
5.Easy to carry around


1. If the mobile phone is having back cover, we need to remove it and place the phone inside the gamepad.
2. Initially, we might face difficulty in getting used to the gamepad
3. Sometimes we might get confused if the fastened joint is tightened or loosened
4. Players having big 3.5mm plug cannot pass through the hollow bracket

3.5 mm plug that was used to connect it successfully
3.5 mm plug that was used to connect it successfully

Compatible 3.5mm plug
Compatible 3.5mm plug

Incompatible 3.5mm plug
Incompatible 3.5mm plug

5. If phone’s 3.5mm jack is too close to the bracket, plug cannot be connected

Unable to insert 3.5mm if jack is too close to the hollow bracket
Unable to insert 3.5mm if the jack is too close to the hollow bracket


Gamesir F3 plus is a great innovative product from GameSir.Phone size compatibility is one of the factors that makes it a step back because of the placement of the different ports on mobile. Players having low latency wireless headphones/buds can enjoy it really without any hindrance. Players having wired earphones must consider the size of the 3.5mm plug.GameSir could have figured out a way to insert different sizes of 3.5 mm plugs.


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