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Feb 27, 2017
hey friends a lot of you must have heard about F2FS but were not sure what is it , its advantages , and how to do it . so its a guide for users who want to do this but this will void your warranty and nor I neither Yu is responsible for the damage .

What is F2FS?

F2FS (Flash-Friendly File System) is a flash file system initially developed by Samsung Electronics for the Linux kernel.

What are the Advantages of F2FS?


  • Multi-head logging
  • Multi-level hash table for directory entries
  • Static/Dynamic hot and cold data separation
  • Adaptive logging scheme
  • Configurable operational units
  • Dual checkpoint
  • Roll-back and roll-forward recovery
  • Heap-style block allocation
  • TRIM/FITRIM support
  • Online defragmentation
  • Inline xattrs/data
  • Offline filesystem check (Check and fix inconsistency)
  • Atomic operations
  • Filesystem-level encryption

  • Better direct I/O
  • Transparent compression
  • Data deduplication
  • Offline resizing
  • Removable device support
  • Windows driver supporting F2FS
  • Inner periodically data flush
In short its a flash file system to improve your device performance and stability


Not All ROM's and Kernels support F2FS. Only some of them support it.So please confirm first if the ROM or Kernel supports it and then proceed.Any damage done to your device is not our responsibility so please read the guide carefully and then proceed.


Twrp Recovery with F2FS support is Important download(TWRP 3.0 or above)

Procedure to convert /data and /cache to F2FS from EXT4:
You can do this in 2 ways. I will show both the methods but 1st Method is Recommended.

Note:This will Format your internal storage. So if you have any Important Data take a backup.

First Method:
1)Find a ROM which is F2FS compatible.
2) Place Your ROM and Gapps in the External SDcard.
3) Go to your TWRP Recovery.(Twrp Recovery with F2FS support is Important download it)
4) Select Wipe>Advanced Wipe>Data Here you will find an Option 'Repair or Change File System' then select Change File System and select F2FS.
5) Now follow the Step 4) by selecting cache instead of data
6) Install your ROM and Gapps from ExtSdcard Reboot!

Second Method :
It is almost the same as 1st method.
If your already on a ROM which is compatible with F2FS or Flash it before converting.
Then follow the Step 3,4,5 from 1st Method and Reboot!
Your Done!:D:);)
Now to Confirm if your Done Download this app from playstore and check out yourselves.
DiskInfo - Android Apps on Google Play

Enjoy F2FS! I have Tested it and thats the reason i'am sharing this with you all. This really Improves the Device performance.

The Performance and Stability Just gets Doubled compared to EXT4.




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