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Help in choosing my first smartphone EVER

Gokul raj

Jan 18, 2017
I'm getting my first smartphone ever and I want to start it off with a good phone that will last me more than 3 years. My budget is 1700 MYR (~383 USD) while products above my budget have a lower chance of me getting it (because my mom has the final say
). Here are some of my choices:
1. Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017) Black [Brand New] - 1699 MYR (383 USD)

2. Apple iPhone 6 64GB (Space Grey) [Refurbished Grade A] - 1359 MYR (305 USD)
3. Apple iPhone 6 128GB (Space Grey) [Refurbished Grade A] - 1470 MYR (330 USD)

4. Apple iPhone 6 64GB (Space Grey) [Brand New] - 1848 MYR (415 USD)
5. Apple iPhone SE 64GB (Space Grey) [Brand New] - 1999 MYR (450 USD)

I'd actually get the A5 2017 due to being the cheapest in the "Brand New" category as well as having IP68 dust and water resistance. However, its specs aren't really worth the price (c'mon, only 1080p@30FPS and no OIS?). On the other hand, I'm also a little skeptical about buying refurbished products (i.e. iPhone 6 64GB and 128GB in this case) as I wouldn't know what they've been through albeit being rated as "Grade A". Now, onto the phones above my budget. I'll try to convince my mom to allow me to get one of the 2 brand new handsets if they are worth the money. So, which of the 5 do you think I should get? Opinions and suggestions are highly WANTED. Thanks!



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