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Hosed Windows 10 Install


Active Member
Dec 31, 2016
So my Lenovo s21e came with Windows 8.1 with Bing 64 bit. Well, I went to upgrade to Windows 10 and I created an ISO to do a clean install. Well, I booted into the UEFI boot settings and it didn't find the USB drive. So I changed the BIOS to legacy USB boot and installed. Well, somehow with some updates to my Windows 10 install, it completely hosed the install. It crashes when waking from sleep mode, or it turns on from sleep and then promptly crashes. a) This is annoying and b) I have to do a cold start (no fast boot because of the crash) and chances are I need to use the computer in a hurry for a class and I don't have time to be waiting for the thing to start. So, how would I create a new Windows 10 (Hopefully the Anniversary Update) install ISO to be UEFI bootable. That's another thing. Windows Updates download the updates but will fail at installing them. That even happened when using Windows 8. Also, does anyone know the keyboard combo to access my BIOS? I got it once but I can't remember and Google is not shedding any light on this.