Hotel run by family asking about security manager job definition


Jun 29, 2021
Hi, I just joined this community and I have some questions to ask for help.

My family just bought a small local hotel and we want to have the hotel redecorated during summer (since winter is the hot season in that area). In that case, we plan on replacing the security system with a new one; the old one was too simple and some cameras are even fake ones, no use at all.

Unfortunately, none of our family members has experience in the hotel business. I think we should arrange an engineer position to organize the whole thing so we don't need to worry about it. I would like to know the job of this position and how this person should take care of the CCTV in a hotel if anyone can share about this. Thanks!



Jun 29, 2021
Hi, I work for an integration company reselling Axis, Milestone and SkyREC for years. Most hotels use a third-party installer, and possibly even an off-site monitoring company. Others may use the same company that does their fire alarms.

So if you want to hire an employee to handle it, I think someone with a security background should not be hard to find in the market. Then maybe you can consider hiring a company to pull the majority of the cables to each of the locations, and then your employee comes along behind them to do the actual connections and the rest parts.