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How do you spend time During This Quarantine?


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Dec 30, 2016
Its been many days into the Quarantine, we have been staying inside our homes most of the time and how does it feel? How are you spending time? How is technology helping you spend time? Just share your quarantine experience.

Okay so ill start!
I have been mostly spending my time on my computer and mobile. I have some online work to do, an online course and I play Counter Strike Global Offensive half of my time. Then I use my mobile and chat with friends.
I have an Aquarium hobby so there is work to do with that.
That is how I spend my time. For me, it feels kinda boring but hey it's better than being idle. Thanks a lot to all these gadgets and technology it helps a lot to get rid of the boredom. but I have to say that the current stay at the home situation has been causing a lot of bandwidth issues and so the internet is so slow.
So how are you guys doing?
Really It's worse than the normal days..
From morning to evening Every day from the day of lockdown my head is heating....
Because from morning to evening my lecturers are giving some hacker rank links and forcing us to practice those problems... And at after Online classes...
It would be good, if we have the college in these times, so that at least they will take rest.. Reading the question and searching in google whether any simple inbuilt functions are there or not..

At finally when the method comes, Day is over... This is what I am doing daily from the first day of Lockdown...
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I've been recording for my YouTube channel. I'm usually so busy with work but as I have nothing to do I decided to start posting semi regularly. Not really aiming to go anywhere with it just doing it to pass the time.
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We started to work in the company a month ago but now again in homeoffice.
I try at least to go out everyday for long walks in the nature.
At home I am either working, cleaning or cooking. :)

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