How to check if my gpu is dead?

How can I confirm that my GPU is faulty or dead? I'm not getting any display output. So far i have
Installed a new motherboard (even tested on the old motherboard and still not displaying anything) ASUS B550-F Wi-Fi and new CPU 3700x. I put the card on an anti-static bag to prevent any shorts.
Really hoping someone has an idea of what I can do, can’t afford a new card right now...

Yeah, i fixed it finally.

I installed this same motherboard and a 3700X and had the same issue with a solid white VGA LED on the motherboard and a black screen.

I'll tell you what worked for me. I powered the system off and disconnected and removed the GPU (ZOTAC 1070) from the motherboard. Then I restarted the system with no GPU. This time the mobo LED's did not stop at the solid White. They continued to cycle - yellow, red, white, and green. They did this several times and my Hard Drive also spun-up, so something more was able to occur with no GPU in the socket.

Finally, the LED does go solid white because the system can't find any video display. Now power off and re-insert and connect the GPU as usual. Hopefully when you power up this time you get the same results that I did - no more issues.

The next day I did flash my BIOS to the latest one (1005) and on the first restart after a successful flash, the same black screen issue occurred. I did the same steps as above by restarting the system with no GPU in place, and then restarted with a GPU, and everything seems to be working fine since then.

Good luck.
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That was not due to the bios update since the VGA signal you get on boot up is not dependent on the support of a specific model of a GPU. In some cases, you are even able to boot up the pc and enter the bios but the card then doesn’t work in windows. What happened is that between seating in and out GPUs you managed to seat and connect properly your GPU.