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How to compile kernel for UBUNTU

Abhiram Shibu

Jan 1, 2017
This will guide you to compile latest kernel from kernel.org for Ubuntu.
                      This guide is to tried out in a machine, which is not your daily driver.
                              When u are confident you can try it on you daily driver machine.
                                     I will not protect you against data losses. 
                                                  Be responsible for your own action
           If you follow this guide there will not be any issues!


The Linux Kernel Archives
Config file - hastebin
  1. Download and extract latest kernel from kernel.org
  2. Make a empty file .config in that kernel extracted dir.
  3. Copy contents from config file (link) to that file
  4. Open terminal in that dir and run make -j 8
  5. Now run make modules-install install
  6. Wola.. you have complied and installed your first kernel!



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