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How to put cameras on the food truck


Jun 29, 2021
Just started my food truck business with my parents. We own 3 food trucks with newly equipped mobile payment since it's gonna be safer to do business on the street. In some neighborhoods we go, I wouldn't call them safe. So for the safety concern, we are thinking to put security camera on the truck if it's possible. Maybe like 2 to 3 cameras on each truck for any accidents happened. However, after I asked around, seems that no one has done this before due to the space or internet limitations. Is it really no other way to put cameras on the truck, or just I didn't get the right information?

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I'm hoping that you're going to have 110VAC on the truck. It shouldn't be any problem to run a 4ch POE NVR (Up to 4 cameras, Network Video Recorder, Power over Ethernet) with a 1Tb HDD or higher. Just make sure that the cameras and cables are away from your heat source. If you are frying foods in the truck, be sure that you clean the camera lens' constantly. Probably set a standard dashcam in the windshield too. You can check the top U.S.A. Security Camera Suppliers.
To ensure safety in your food truck business, install cameras despite space and internet challenges. Utilize 110VAC power for a 4-channel POE NVR and position cameras strategically, keeping them clean near heat sources. Consider adding a standard dashcam and source equipment from reputable U.S.A. Security Camera Suppliers for optimal security.