How to re-software Samsung Galaxy J2 SM-J200G/DD

Arjun Chandran

Master Sergeant Rank 13
Dec 30, 2016
My friend's Samsung Galaxy J2 SM-J200G/DD has some kind of software issue that it won't respond to touches and will have to be rebooted. So he reseted the phones using the stock recovery options. Now when it boots it asks for Google login like always and then again it gets stuck no response. He wants to get it re-softwared or change ROM. The phone is under warranty period but he can't claim it because it was not bought from India.
Please help Abhiram Shibu Abhiram Shibu Neeraj55#5 Neeraj55#5 Prasoon Mehra Prasoon Mehra Vams Vams and all other i forgot to tag :) .

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