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Solved How to start iPhone 14 Pro is super simple, just do it in one note, follow it right away!

The iPhone 14 Pro is probably one of the two devices of the iPhone 14 Series that are being most interested by Apple fans. With a fresh design and many interesting features added, this iPhone has been in the eyes of technology people. But do you know anything about how to start the iPhone 14 Pro? Check out the article below for more details.

For those who have just started using iPhone, when they just bought and unboxed a brand new iPhone 14 Pro, they are confused as to why their phone does not show up. Don't worry and follow these steps:

  • Press and hold the power button > wait a few seconds. When the logo of the half-bitten apple appears, now you have started your iPhone.
  • Sometimes, Apple's machines will unfortunately run out of battery during the boxing process, so you just need to plug in the phone to charge it, it will automatically show up right away.
Above are 2 ways to start iPhone 14 very easy to do. Good luck.