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[Huawei P9] Questions/Recommendations/Tips

Gokul raj

Jan 18, 2017
Hello. I just got a Huawei P9 and I have some questions.

  • The Swype Keyboard kinda annoys me because, for some reason, I keep mistyping stuff in this keyboard. I owned a Samsung Galaxy Win Duos (a much much older phone) and the keyboard on that was amazing. Any suggestions on a keyboard?

P.S. I don't use predictive text as I like typing full words. So I would like a keyboard without predictive text, or at least without the predictive text bar.

I already tried SwiftKey. However it seems you can't turn off the prediction bar. So it's a no for me.

Something really close to the config of iPhone or Samsung Keyboard, but w/o the prediction bar, would be nice.

  • Is there some way to set the cycle for data usage to a different start/end date? (e.g feb 5 - mar 4). I'm assuming right now it's setup as monthly.
  • Recommendations for Screen Protector (and a phone case maybe?)

Also if you have some other neat tips/tricks/recommendations for the Huawei P9 (or Android M in general), they are most welcome.

I come from a Lenovo S90 (Android L) which died when it was ran over by a motorcycle.

Then I downgraded to a Samsung Galaxy Win Duos (Android K) for a month.