i'll never buy anything from NVIDIA ever again, they don't respect customers and don't deserve our money


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Guys, i`ve paid a lot of money on a Nvidia Titan Xp Collector's Edition Galactic Empire on Amazon, and after a month the card started to behave in a really strange way, the displayport started to fail, sometimes i had to restart a few times before showing any image. Couple days later, it was getting worse, and finally it stopped working on this week, i had to take it out of my computer or else my PC wasn't even POSTing. So, i`ve paid US$ 1499,99 on this card, and now it has no use, and i need it to work, all my hard earned money was invested on this card, and now it is only a paper weight.

Look what NVIDIA answer me:
Staff Account Derek via Email 07/13/2018 02:48 PM
Your support request was escalated to me for further review. After reading through the history I don't think I am going to be able to help you here.

The warranty on these GPUs is not transferable and it looks like the purchase was made from a reseller on the Amazon website. The warranty is only valid for the original purchaser of the GPU.


Staff Account Derek via Email 07/13/2018 04:35 PM
Sorry, but this doesn't change anything. I cannot replace the GPU.


Man i think they are not helping me at all, are your guys aware of this? Are you guys aware that you are responsible for this hardware, and you sold me a broken card and now you guys are just running away from your responsibility and giving me the worst problem i have ever had in my life with a tech company ? I hope your families are ok, cause mine will suffer, since i can't work anymore, and i have no idea how i`ll recovery from this, this is unacceptable , you guys don't respect anyone, i hope AMD bury your company of scammers in the most deep hole possible, cause you don't deserve anything from us, after this, i don't care if you have faster cards, i'll never give my money again for a company that have this kind of behavior, that look like a scammer and a thief.

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Oops! That's really a sad thing to hear! Such a big brand is denying help on their flagship card.:neutral: Are they trying to mimic Apple's policies or what! Let's just hope that Intel takes over the GPU market with cheaper and powerful cards.

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Interesting that the Warranty info and especially its transferrability is so well hidden that its very common to see GPUs being resold with "30 month warranty" even though it's a brand that does not allow the warranty to be transferred.