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Is it possible to split HDMI to HDMI Video & HDMI Audio outputs?


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Dec 30, 2016
Ok, here is my current situation, I have a Sony 5.1 home theater and right now i have connected it to my PC via SPDIF. This setup works fine for movies only, I want to play games with surround audio. I have tried connecting my home theater to my GPU's HDMI port but Nvidia only gives audio if there is the video output.
I'm having a dual monitor setup now one using DP and one on HDMI so what I'm planning to do is use some kind of splitter ( if available in the market) so that I can split the HDMI output into video and audio so I can use the monitor and home theater.
So basically what I'm saying is that I need a splitter that splits HDMI into two HDMI outputs in which one gives audio and the other gives video. IS there any splitter that will do the job? If yes then tell me.

Also, suggest to me any other workarounds. One another way is to buy an AVR which is sooo expensive in my case.




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