Laptop battery, Suspect refurbished.

Abhiram Shibu

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I have bought a laptop battery yesterday for my laptop. Its a genuine Asus battery. As on the label its having 15v and 44wh. I have written a program in Linux which says the real capacity claimed by battery circuits.

Now when I check it, its reporting 15V and 31Wh which is like wtf to me. Because lost 30% of watt hour there.

If I pug in my old battery, which lasts for 1hr (deplition 48%), it clearly says that its 15V and 44wh. It has been running of 3 years.

Please help me...
What I have to do... How to claim warrenty.. I know those people will tell me to check if its working or not.. And not to relay on these softwares. But I wrote it, and I have the real confidence. Because I have a battery that says the real specs and I have confidence in kernel

Files of kernel /sys/class/power_supply/BAT0/
Check these files for battery status and info. Most of them need 10^-6 multiplication to get real value.

Thanks in advance


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mmm well first off how much is the battery rated at, not all batteries are rated at the same 4400, 5200, 5600 or 5800 mAh.?
also remember that Amp Hours are a measure of electric current and Kilowatt Hours are a measure of electric power.
The Amp Hour rating is a 20 Hour rating, therefore it is necessary to treat any kilowatt conversion you make as a 20 hour rating as well.
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I'd return it for sure, but it may help your case if you use some 'legitimate' software (I'm not saying the program you've written isn't up to the task, but it gives the supplier less ability to argue with you!) to get a read of the Watt-hours etc to bolster your case. If a mainstream battery testing program says it's 31Wh, then they can't really argue when you ask for an exchange or refund! Perhaps give Gnome a try? GNOME Puts Out A Laptop Battery Testing Program - Phoronix


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