LFG: Apex/Fortnite/Warzone/CSGO

Arjun Chandran

Master Sergeant Rank 13
Dec 30, 2016
Silver I is the lowest...just play 10 comp matches and you get a rank based on how you did in those 10. or maybe it's based on team round wins... not sure but it's one of those. it used to be you had to *win* 10 comp to get placed but I think now you just have to complete 10...
Yeah, I know about the ranking but CSGO competitive mods felt so hard for me :D


Private Rank 2
May 7, 2020
Florida, USA
I have already won 3 but can't win any more, idk why
Just keep trying, get a little better each time

What's your favourite game from this
Apex... I think I might really like Warzone but most of my experience in it so far is with obnoxious, useless people from fill squad. I can't tell you how many times I've won my gulag fight while everyone else left...