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Memory setting questions


Aug 16, 2018
I'm not concerned about overclocking my memory but in checking my ASUS Maximus X Hero BIOS I see that the frequency was already set to below the 3600 memory. There is an option in the drop down that I can choose to set to 3600 but is that better than leaving it to default settings or should I set the AI OC Tuner to XMP? At the least I want to get out the memory what I've paid for.
I know zilch about memory settings.

Im using XPG ddr4 3000Mhz Ram and when I installed it I was only getting 2666Mhz so I checked my BIOS and changed the ram profile to 3066Mhz and now it works fine.
My motherboard is currently not with me or i could give the procedure.
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