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My 2011 MacBook Pro i7 is overheating really bad


Mar 29, 2018
My MacBook Pro i7 late 2011 model is overheating really bad. Especially on the bottom left and the front as well but not as much. I just order some more ram and want to get an SSD 480 drive. Any suggestions about what I can do?

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Mac book has a poorly designed cooling system. Heat is directly tranferred to chassey for some mac books. If urs is one of them, then you are out of luck

Mac book also thermal throttles very badly under full load so dont load your macbook too much.

Its pretty good for pulse loads.

Please say which mac book you have..

Please ensure if its sata or nvme ssd.

Most of the macbooks ram is soldered in.
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Your MacBook might run hot if the airflow inside the case is blocked or if your CPU is overloaded with resource-intensive tasks. Make sure the vents are clear, clean the inside of the laptop occasionally, and minimize the number of browser tabs and programs you have open.
I’ve been using an old MacBook Pro and have experienced this problem many times. There are many possible reasons out there. Hopefully, you’ll be able to overcome the overheating problem by applying some of the techniques listed below.
  1. Macs can get spyware and malware. Although macOS has integrated security protection against malware, it isn’t perfect. The best option is to use an antivirus software like Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac.
  2. Third-party apps that demand more system resources (especially CPUs) than they should. These apps are either poorly developed or caught in a loop, can overheat your MacBook. You can open the utility via Applications > Utilities > Activity Monitor, or do a quick Spotlight search to launch the app.
  3. An SMC reset helps resolve hardware-related issues and is harmless. your SMC might need to be reset. First, shut down your MacBook and plug in the power adapter, which puts your Mac in charge mode. Then hold Shift + Control + Option on your keyboard and press the power button at the same time. After a few seconds, release the keys and turn on your Mac.


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