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Need a web host!


Jan 14, 2017

I need a free web host for glype proxy script. My website is probably a week old and receives around 200 page views per day.

URL is https://goanonymous.net

I am ready to place an banner (above the fold) above text box where user enter url. Currently I have added google Adsense banner here & will replace with your banner if you provision me with a free hosting account.

I will be using Cloudflare so to decrease bandwidth usage & stress on your server. Besides this there will be no...

Need a web host!

There are various web hosting providers available in the market. VPSCheap is one of the best and most affordable reliable cheap VPS hosting providers. They offer Pure SSD storage, KVM Virtualization, Modern operating systems, Enterprise grade nodes, Full Root Access, Instant setup, Unmetered network connectivity, 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

They provide outstanding uptime and reliability to all their customers 24/7.
Go for Shared Hosting because it will work best according to your needs. But if you don't have budget issues you should definitely consider Managed Hosting because your website will grow someday and may face high or mid traffic so Managed hosting is specifically for high traffic.


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