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Need help deciding a phone plan

Gokul raj

Jan 18, 2017
I'm not sure if this is the place to post this, but I need help picking a phone plan. I have just gotten a hand-down S5 that my family previously owned. Luckily that phone is in somewhat of a working condition, unlucky for me, my family bought that from Fido, a phone network that locked the phone. So I'm going to get a phone plan, but don't want to go through the hassle of credit checks. So I did most of my research an left to this:


A lot of texting.... and I mean a lot of texting

Cheap (I'm Asian, not to be racist)

Don't care about calling, still need a way to call though.

Has to be prepaid (No credit checks)

Company must be Canadian

Must serve the Southern Ontario area

Here are my options:


  • $15.75/month plan with unlimited texting (But only local calling costing $0.30/minute)
  • $30/month plan with unlimited texting and 300 minutes Canada wide

Telus (Will have to pay $50 to Fido to unlock phone, then $15 to Telus for a SIM Card):

  • $10/month with 50 local min. and texts
  • $22/month with 50 local min. and unlimited texts
  • $100/year with 400 local min. and texts

Please help me, and if this does somehow break the rules, I will delete this thread ASAP.