Need Help Picking Budget Android: 200-400 $

Gokul raj

I'm attempting to buy my first android phone (unlocked), the carrier will most likely by MobilePCS. I live in the US.

Currently I am leaning towards the ZTE Axon 7 (gold or quartz grey?), as it seems to be the best smartphone at 400 $ (the software issues have mainly been fixed is what I've read). I also am thinking about the newly released and considerably less expensive ZTE Blade V8 Pro: .

The next runners up I am considering are the Moto X Pure or a refurbished Samsung Galaxy S6 from BestBuy:

Last but not least the Honor 8 or recently released 6X, although the video quality of the Honor 8 somewhat turns me off of it.

Which do you think is the best option, if the first which color scheme? Feel free to suggest any which I have not thought of and you think are better or comparable.

Thank you.



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