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Nintendo switch sales reach 21 million!


May 7, 2020
Nintendo Switch Annual Sales Cross 21 Million Units, Says Animal Crossing Is Device's Fastest-Selling Game
In the year ended March, Nintendo sold 21 million Switch consoles, well above its forecast of 19.5 million.

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WOW I see.. and I just read this:

Animal Crossing Interior Designers Offered $50 Per Hour

Consultants will visit other player's islands in lockdown hit

(Newser) – Know any interior designers struggling for work? A hit video game could be the answer. In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the latest in Nintendo's Animal Crossing series, players move to a desert island and build a home in a world of cutesy animals. British luxury homeware brand Olivia's says it has now launched a "consultancy" initiative in which designers can charge $50 or more per hour for visiting a player's island, offering tips on home design, and selecting the perfect items within their budget of in-game currency, Lad Bible reports.