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Nvidia SHIELD Tablet Questions


Jan 14, 2017
So I love the idea of being able to play PC or console level games on a mobile device. For that reason I am looking at getting a Nvidia SHIELD Tablet but I have a LOT of questions before I pull the trigger.

First, of course I can stream the games on my PC to the tablet right? That might be a dumb question but on Nvidia's website they are driving the GeForce Now thing really hard.

Speaking of the GeForce Now service, what happens to your progress on a certain game? I would assume it is saved in the cloud because that's where the games come from but again, Nvidia doesn't say much about that even in the FAQ.

And to those of you who own a SHIELD Tablet, how is it? Are you subscribed to GeForce Now and how is that? Worth it? Also, how is it gaming on an 8" screen? And with Nvidia's controller?

Or is the whole thing even worth it? I already have an iPad Mini and found out I can use Moonlight to stream GeForce games to it but the 1080p resolution looks smaller because the iPad has a different aspect ratio or something I think. Anyway, I will probably think of more questions as time goes on but if anyone can shed some light on things for me that would be great, thanks.



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