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Solved (Obsolete) Overclocking in a non-overclockable motherboard


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Jul 4, 2017
This is for people who still have old CPUs like mine i.e, Intel E5200 and non-overclockable motherboard like Intel DG41RQ and want to get more out of it till it is alive . E5200 stock speed is 2.50 GHz but i saw someone on the internet do something called a BSEL mod. Basically what you do is connect some points ( picture below ) on the processor and what it does is it raises the bus speed of the CPU from stock 200mhz to 266mhz in turn increasing speed of my processor to 3.33 GHz. Its running stable on stock fan and temps don't seem to be in issue. Hope this is helpful. By the way i used small piece of tin foil to connect the points. Where and which points you connect is very crucial. Its on the opposite side of the triangle marker on top left as you can see, on the second and fifth point form the curved notch.. Posted the specs too.mod.jpg mod2.jpg

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I though you had ASUS ROG STRIX Z270F !! In your signature.. Well, but your intel board is LGA 1155 so it supports newer processor but sadly no pcie so no gpu....
Oh screw that! That was my plan lol. :joy:
Then came Ryzen so my plan changed, didn't yet buy new parts.
But in 2-3 months I'll get a ryzen setup.

I'm buying parts, so far i managed to get the case and PSU. Saving for rest.


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