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OnePlus 3 vs Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017)

Gokul raj

Jan 18, 2017
I'm debating between these 2 phones and I'm getting my first smartphone ever. I think the OnePlus 3 would have a better lifespan since it has a generous 6GB of RAM to give it some "future-proofing" (I'm don't have any other term to describe it). Both companies have service centres around my area, so after-sales services aren't a problem. The OnePlus 3's 64GB of storage is also double that of the Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 (albeit the latter can be upgraded with a Micro SD, but internal storage is always better IMO). However, at the back of my mind, Samsung's products are deemed to be more reliable than any other asian manufacturer. So, which of these 2 handsets should I get? Thanks!