Overwatch Mouse lag??


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So i recently moved my old desk and got a new one, and since this move , whether its me only just noticing or what, but the mouse always feels fat and laggy, like i'm running at like 30 fps although i'm running at the very least, 90. At first i was like eh i bet it's the mouse, so i switched up the ports to my 3.1 and same issue, so i tried another game which heavily relies on good mouse feedback, CSGO, and it works perfectly fine with me not being able to notice any lag at all, so i was wondering is this just blizzard and their shitty mouse optimisation (I have also tried another mouse and got the same results) or is it something else as it's made it unplayable for me, any ideas and help are largely appreciated as i wanna get back to earning the lunar loot boxes
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