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#Pancake - $600 Ryzen 5 build.


Mar 18, 2017
If you don't want to look at the reasoning behind all of the parts chosen, you can skip right through and go to the PCPartPicker link provided: Ryzen 5 1400 3.2GHz Quad-Core, Radeon RX 570 4GB ARMOR OC, Core 1500 MicroATX Mini Tower - System Build - PCPartPicker

This build is oriented towards gaming at 1080p and maximum productivity under specific workloads, with the option of upgrades to any of the components. Feel free to use this blueprint and change it however you wish to, as long as it suits your tastes.


1. Ryzen 5 1400 -
This is probably the best Ryzen 5 budget CPU out there in the market. With a nice clockspeed of 3.2 and a turboboost to 3.6 with SMT hyperthreading on 4 cores, you can expect to see extremely good performance for how much it costs. Do note that you're going to need to push specific motherboard BIOS updates to get the most out of this processor.

2. MSI B350M MicroATX AM4 -
For the R5 1400 we're using, this motherboard would allow for efficient overclocks, even on air. It has a very nice build quality, LED-s along the side and it's an eyecandy to look at, it has an M.2 slot built in. The only compromises I've seen on this board are the fact that there's only 2 fan headers aside from the CPU header, and the two ram slots, but that should be ideal for us in this case.

3. G.Skill Ripjaws V Series (1 x 8GB) DDR4-2666 -
For it's price, it's cheap and good looking ram memory with a nice speed to it, which we know Ryzen benefits a lot from. It can be changed to something higher, so if it isn't to your personal tastes, feel free to change it however you wish to. The thing here is, one more memory stick could be bought running the same frequency and you'd have upgraded upon your system a lot.

4. WD Caviar Blue 1 TB 7200 RPM HDD -
I'd personally go for a WD Black Series HDD seeing as they're more reliable, but hence this is a budget oriented build, we'd have to stick to it. It'd also be nice to squeeze in an SSD due to the speed beneficial factor in loading specific applications, but with our current budget we aim to get as much performance out of our system as possible.

5. MSI Radeon RX 570 4GB ARMOR OC -
It all comes down to personal preference here, I like the ARMOR OC model of the 570 a lot. There's other models you can go for, but for the purpose of this build I've decided to pick this one out in specific. The benchmarks of a R5 1400 and an RX 570 are very good in games, hitting 60 fps in almost every title currently out there 1920x1080 wise.

6. Fractal Design Core 1500 MicroATX Mini Tower -
There's really not much to say about this case in general. It has nice looks and a solid build quality for it's price, cable management would be a bit hard to manage. It has room for everything you want to put in it, and it's generally appealing.

7. EVGA 500W 80+ Bronze Cert. ATX PSU -
I've personally used this power supply a lot in the builds I've done for clients, and I have absolutely no issues with it. In my opinion, it is very reliable and the best power supply you can get for the price and for what we need in this system.

As I've said up above as well, feel free to change anything to suit your tastes. This is merely a productivity blueprint that could get you the most out of a system for it's pricepoint.

If you need specific benchmarks to look at, here's a video from YouTube. This is not my content and all rights go to the respective content creators:

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Jun 28, 2017
With this configuration, we can game and also do rendering works.
That's part the reason I went down the PC route in the end. Yes it cost more initially, but I produce music, edit video, create 2D and 3D animations with my PC as well as game, so it's well worth it. I do need to upgrade my GPU though, it's a bit of a bottleneck in my system.

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