RE 7, should I try RE 1 once I beat RE 7?

So at this time I'm enjoying the crap out of RE 7. The only RE game I've ever played before is RE 4 and RE 5. I liked RE 4 more than 5. Hearing all of this talk about RE 7 being like the classic game except for the 1st versus 3rd person difference. Should I pick of RE 1 HD after I complete RE 7? What do you think about RE 7? Please no spoilers in this thread, want to hear your guys/girls opinions on RE 7? So far I love it, the atmosphere is really good, the occasional jump scare actually got me to catch my breath and sigh in relief... mostly, and the game play is very fun. I'm currently playing it on the PC and it's very cool. This is when I wish the game supported VR, even though I don't have a VR headset, this game is probably amazing in VR (god damn PS4 VR players are lucky).