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Ryzen 7 3800xt overheating! Help please


Nov 6, 2020
As the title says, my CPU is running much too hot. I simply can't game on it as it is, it has peaked 100 c just from launching games (Kingdom Come: Deliverance was used to test) and sits idly between the high 60's and mid-80's. I'm trying to work out what the issue is.
I've ordered some more case fans, and new thermal paste in case the paste I used was low quality so I'm hoping these changes will fix my issues.
At this point, I'm assuming it has to be one of three things. The CPU cooler is improperly mounted (RGB Wraith Prism, and it doesn't seem to be improperly mounted), the thermal paste was improperly applied or was of poor quality, or that there is not enough airflow in the case (Only one fan for the case currently, but I've ordered three more).
With this subreddits endless collective understanding for all things PC, I'm hoping to get some clarification that I'm on the right path.
For the record, my ryzen 5 2600 was in this exact build (but using a wraith stealth cooler) and NEVER reached these worrying temperatures. My motherboard is a MAG b550m mortar.

That cooler. So, the mounting brackets need to be checked. Specifically, they need to be TIGHT. Then you need BOTH clips to he VERY tightly in place. You should also consider applying fresh thermal paste. Also, check the clips on the side, they might not be properly mounted to the cooler itself.

Its fine LOL i have made mistakes worst than this.
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