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Shopper data collected in the stores, what do you think?


Jun 22, 2021
Hi guys, I work in the security industry. One of my daily tasks is to install cameras in different places including the retail stores to help them do loss prevention, and sometimes analyze shopper behaviors.

Normally, I would warn the store managers or brand managers to be careful with data collecting, because the privacy issue might lead to big troubles. I mean they supposed to let the shopper know the store will collect big data and it should be done before people enter their stores. But it seems like the stores only partially or didn't even tell shoppers that they are collecting data and put it into a database.

How would you react if you knew your personal data is collected without getting your approval? I'm not talking about your personal information, but more like big data: age, gender as a portion, etc.



Jun 22, 2021
Honestly I'm not surprised that companies use store cameras to collect data, and I kind of learned to accept the fact that stores are going to collect our data whether we give them permission or not because it profits them. My system integrator friend has worked with video management system (or something) companies like Axis, Hikivision, Skyrec, which you probably know since you work in the security industry, and I don't think he has encountered situations where data is being used in a wrong way. So yeah, I'm not that against it for now.


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