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Surface Pro 4 (black screen & ticking noise)


Jul 1, 2018
I was using the laptop one night with the screen pumped up to max brightness while it was charging, then the screen froze and wouldn't respond while also making an audible crackling / ticking noise. So I held down the power button to restart it, when I turned the laptop back on the screen remained black yet the ticking noise resumed.

-My laptop appears to still work, the keyboard lights up as it normally would, it can be detached and reattached and it appears to function normally.
-The laptop still charges and can hold the charge.
-Laptop makes a subtle ticking noise (not coming from the speakers) every time I turn it on (goes away when I turn it off by holding down the power button).
-No noise coming out of the speakers, though I assume that's because i'd be stuck on the login screen when i turn on the laptop.

So my guess is everything still works fine with the laptop except the screen, possibly a blown resistor or something thus causing a ticking noise and black screen. Any ideas on the problem and the best way to go about repairing it?


I think there is an issue with your hard drive but before confirming about that that try to preform a hard reboot. Remove your battery and unplug the AC if connecteed then hold down the power button for 20 seconds.