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Technology to protect the gallery


Jul 4, 2021
Hi guys. My sister works in a personal gallery as a receptionist. Some crazy man just set a fire last week and they have to rebuild the gallery. They're now going for a better video monitor system to ensure this is not going to happen again.

So, before the fire, one of the employees said he saw a suspicious man wandering around the gallery. He still remembers the clothing the guy was wearing. I'm helping my sister to ask if there any system that can preset the clothing conditions, and trigger an instant alarm to warn when anyone with similar conditions shows up again.

We understand that it's nearly impossible that the arsonist will show up with the exact same outfit but it's better safe than sorry. Big thanks!

Man sorry for your sister's loss. I also think that the dude will not show up in the same outfit again but regarding the clothing detection part, I know some retail businesses that use video analytics softwares and I'm guessing that clothing or specific object detection is also included too? You could start your research from companies like Axis, BriefCam, Skyrec and compare to see which is more ideal.


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