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TTDS Advance Not Working In DSI XL


Jan 14, 2017
Around 5 years ago i bought a TTDS Advance card from some shady guy at the markets near my house, it seems legit and worked for around 3 years. Then i didnt use it for 2 years. Today i found it and put it in my old DS Lite and it didnt detect the card. Then when i put it in my DSI XL it did detectd it but instead it says An error occured, then all the press and hold to restart crap.

Finally i tried putting the card in while the DS was launching and now it shows that the card is in but this time its a black cartride icon with no name, and when i launch into it it says the same error message.....

Plz Help! Is the firmware on the card to outdated or do the cards not work with DSI's or is the card just broken?