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[Tutorial] Top Tips For Taking Photos With Your Smartphone


Feb 27, 2017
These days mobile photography is trending.
People choose phones according to their camera.
So let's directly jump to the tips.

1- "Composition if the key" :
You have to prepare for a shot before taking it.
Use gridlines,
understand lighting condition.
Visualize the scene in your mind before you capture.

2- "Use macro lens for macro" :
You can find those lenses for a very cheap price.
Those lenses are very useful if you are a macro lover.
For shooting macros i have some tips :
Use manual focus instead of auto-focus.
sit comfortably, as you body will not shake, otherwise photos can be blurry.
- Patience. Well, while capturing insects you have to keep patience.


3- "Post-Process"
Editing is an art. Editing is fine-tuning your photos. Editing is what you simply can't do directly from your camera app.
while editing, keep these points in your mind :
- Don't over-edit.
- Keep your photos natural.
- Get creative with colour-pop & black & white shots.
- Flip puddle shots and be creative.(The first shot below is a puddle)


4- "Quality"
image quality matters. So always select the best quality you can. and clean your lens before shooting.

Good luck.
happy snapping..
credits:- my device (mi max:heart_eyes:)
apelex 20x macro lens
and finally me.