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Question Upgrading a dell Vostro 260 pc

Aug 24, 2019
Hi I’m looking for some advise on what’s the best upgrades I can do to a dell Vostro 260 pc?
I’m looking to be able to easily run sketch up,cad , photoshop and other similar software! Also would like to be able to do some gaming on it from time to time as well if possible!
I’m new to all nice and don’t what to do keeping the cost down would be great as well

Any suggestions?

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If you are looking to upgrade the components on your Dell Vostro 260 then it won't be a good chance. You won't get a good gameplay experience. To top the specs all you can do is to buy an Intel Core i7-2600 and two 4GB DDDR3 RAM sticks. Still, you cannot play modern titles on medium settings. It would be better to make a full PC upgrade.
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