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variable shortcut to .exe in folder


Active Member
Dec 31, 2016
Hi everyone,

we use owncloud in our company and I installed Keypass and shared the .exe file with everyone so all our workes use the same .exe. The problem is that in the same folder where the .exe file is located you will find the configuration files that manage accessibility and user rights for the password database. I don't want that certain users have access to this files so they cannot play around or copy our database.

So what I wanted to do is the following:

Create folder1 where the programme + configuration files + password database is stored and restrict viewing rights for certain users. Create a new folder (folder2) around folder1 where a shortcut to the exe is stored and have every user access this folder.

Since some users have different PCs the owncloud folder will not be in the same directory on every PC which is a problem because then the shortcut won't work anymore.

Is there a way to create a shortcut that is relative and ignores the everything that comes before /folder2 an just have it linked to folder1 (which is located in folder2)?

It should look something like this:

  • .../users/..../owncloud/folder2
    • shortcut for keypass.exe (ignores everything before /folder2)
    • folder1 (visibility restricted for some of my coworkers)
      • keypass.exe
      • config-files
      • database
      • ...

Thank you in advance!



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