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VGuarder-a productive monitoring tool that notices you immediately when your website is dead!


Nov 1, 2018
  • You are running a website yet always be the last one to know that it has been dead for a couple of days?
§ VGuarder notices you immediately when anything unusual occurs to your website!
§ You no longer need to sit all day in front of the PC!

  • Having no idea about your website’s data loading speed/status? No worries!
§ VGuarder provides you with Internet speed test that show you all the data you want including the status of the website, the speed and the quality of the connection!
§ By using VGuarder, you can be able to figure out the visitors possibility to stay or leave your website!
§ VGuarder provides you with instant notifications of the website status anywhere at anytime

  • Don’t hesitate to download VGuarder App on:



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