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Virtualising workstation windows 7 pro 64


Oct 5, 2018
I wonder what will happen if I virtualise my windows 7 pro 64 on my own HP z420 workstation and try to run it in the cloud/or run on another PC (z620 workstation, other 7I-core PC) - there will be no problems with this? (I have heard that HP workstations have serials built into the motherboards)? the virtual system will not check for the cloud hardware to match the original z420 hardware?

This is a really mission-critical question for me….

Ideally I wish to fully virtualise a windows which has an automated routine constantly being executed – I need to be totally sure that I can do these two things with this virtual image (in case main machine dies):
1) I can run it on any other PC in the VMware (it can be another z420, z620 or a simple desktop computer).
2) I can clone my disk and just swap it to another pc (it can be another z420, z620 or a simple desktop computer).

In light of the above – does it make sense to install a simple Windows 7 (with a key bought online) – add the necessary drivers, run on z420 and then virtualize/clone the Windows to run on any other computer? Instead of virtualising windows 7 pro 64 from the original, native recovery media included with my own HP z420 workstation?

Which Windows 7 version is best suited for a simple cloning/virtualisation? I need this whole automate pipeline to run smoothly on any PC – just stick in the hard drive and run.

Thanks a lot !