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Wait a minute Windows, where are those apps coming from?


Active Member
Dec 31, 2016
(I'll try to make this as funny as it got me angry to avoid throwing a brick at my desktop)

"Really, Microsoft? I paid 100$ or more for a W8 Pro version, I upgraded it to Windows 10 after you constantly telling me please, I even let you get some obscur telemetry I can't disable, and now I reinstall Windows and I have "ads" in the start menu I have to remove one by one?

(that's the standard part)

And now after a few reboots, some DUMB GAMES INSTALLED THEMSELVES after I cleaned up the start menu? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Would a 6 year old who wants to play Candy Crush have a 1200$ gaming rig for it?

Get your shit together Microsoft. Get money elsewhere. Isn't paying your stupid, mandatory OS enough?"

Well you get the idea: W10 updated somehow after a fresh install and added games to my start menu. How do I prevent that from happening?

Also if you have some other useful post-install tips I'm taking



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