Weird LG G3 issue

Gokul raj

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Jan 18, 2017
So today I feel my LG G3 had a tiny stroke. First I noticed Im not getting MMS messages. This I found could be an IPv6 issue on T Mobiles network. However the weirdest issue was with the battery. I started with about 44%. I restarted my device to see if that was the issue with my MMS. When the device booted back up I had 16% battery. After about an hour and 15 min I had 22% battery. Not sure. Could the battery possibly be going? Should I think about a FDR? Or is my phone slowly dieing?

There are two reason I havent bought a new phone.

Firstly Im a poor college student living off Government Loans.

Second I havent found any devices I like.

I like the G3 for its size. Also the battery life wasnt too terrible.

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