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What Does One by Template Monster Offer?


Aug 18, 2021
One by Template Monster is a marketplace that offers a wide range of design assets through subscriptions. Currently, they are offering the following resources to WordPress users:

  1. WordPress themes
There are a total of 849 WordPress themes offered by One by Template Monster. Most of these themes are compatible with Elementor. This makes creating custom pages and layouts easy.

2. WordPress plugins
There are not a lot of WordPress plugins to choose from. But, they still offer some cool features that can be added to the website.

3. Elementor templates
Apart from Elementor-friendly themes, Elementor templates are also offered with One by TemplateMonster website templates. This includes several pre-built sections and pages that can be downloaded and imported into the website.

4. WooCommerce Themes
Currently, there are 153 WooCommerce themes available with One By Template Monster that can be installed on the website easily.

5. Other templates
There are some design assets available on One by Template Monster as well. These graphic templates include logo templates, icon sets, patterns, After Effects intros, etc.



Jul 8, 2021
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