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What's are the best gaming headsets for CSGO?


Jul 15, 2022
CSGO has been around for quite some time but I am still unable to find any good gaming headset with a balanced sound. I have read an article that suggests HyperX Cloud II as the best headset for CSGO.

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My favorites are HyperX Cloud II. Been using this set for more than two years now, and they are completely fine for me. I use them for gaming and listening to music. It's a nice all-purpose set for people who appreciate quality.
I mostly play CS: GO, and sound quality is crucial there because you need to hear your teammates well. Sometimes the results of the game depend on how fast you react to your teammate's voice commands. This is how you get to wear different-looking skins and sell them for real money sometimes. The more professional player you are, the more respect and money you get from this hobby.
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