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Windows 10 Insider Topic


Active Member
Dec 31, 2016
Hi, this is the topic for all things W10 development. The previous, outdated first message is in the spoiler below, nothing else here for now.

Hi guys, there are a few topics about Windows 10, but here I want to make one just for people (like me) who test the system.

Windows Insider Program


I'm just beginning my testing, I'm running it on Oracle Virtualbox, if you're curious what my settings are, here you go:

Edit: Default Windows 8.1 settings should work, if not, here you've got mine:

Microsoft Windows, Other (32bit)

All cores, 100% (shouldn't affect much, work speed is quite high)

TURN ON PAE (otherwise the system won't start)

128MB GPU, 3D Acceleration

I needed to shut down the virtual machine a few times because of a black screen, don't worry if you get one.

After you install everything, your network and audio might not work. I managed to fix my issues with those settings:



The great list of easter eggs and bugs:


Charm bar search still exists.

You can "summon" it by Win + C

There are two task managers



What's new?


A little bit different structure of C:\

C:\ is now better organized, it's more minimalistic. That's how it works:



-Program Files