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Work From Anywhere Using Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is the on-demand availability of computer resources over the internet(cloud) without any direct active management by the user, i.e., resources like server, storage, database, software’s...etc. is shared using cloud (over internet) to end users.

How Technology has made Easy to ‘Work From Anywhere’?

With the available technology today, working from anywhere is easier than ever. It helps you stay connected with clients, conference meetings, co-workers and can also work with the resources using cloud.

With the COVID outbreak, everything has changed. The pandemic has allowed employers and employees to implement the concept of work from anywhere across the globe. Work from anywhere has been a widespread since technology has allowed people to connect their computers and work remotely.​

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Yes, IndhiraKumar. I agree with you.
Work from anywhere did possible in pandemic with cloud computing. All of the data stored in the cloud is distributed evenly all of the servers that have been linked together to act as one. In addition, the cloud offers extra storage space, server resources, and computational capacity. As a result, your software and applications will run more quickly. And many software also available.
Cloud computing is one of the most important technological revolutions in recent history. The cloud has helped companies, organizations, and individuals become more efficient by providing easy access to information from anywhere with an internet connection. This means that you can access your files from any device whether it be a laptop, tablet, or phone, and get things done on the go. Cloud computing also makes for better collaboration because teams are able to work together online regardless of their location, which improves productivity and efficiency a lot.
It is the technology that allows me to work from home, and I’m really thankful to it for this opportunity because this way, I have way more free time for my hobbies and household work. I don’t need to waste time on trips to work and home.
I also don’t need to contact any of my colleagues directly and have too much human interaction. It’s a plus for me because I’m quite an introverted person and cannot stay socially active for a long time because it exhausts me.
That’s why I’m happy our company works with Esynergy on creating an effective remote working place. I hope it will remain like this in the future, too, because I don’t want to change my current schedule.


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