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Question 100% cpu usage when playing fortnite


⚔️ MOD
Dec 30, 2016
I can't see right now the exactly usage, but i know that fortnite takes 2.5 gb and in total the % is 70-75%.
I noticed that the gpu is costantly flashing 98% and 0% but only when i play fortnite, it never happened in other games.
This make the game extremely laggy and i can't play, even the audio lag
How much RAM do you have? Are you having a dual-channel memory setup? ( using two ram sticks atleast?)

Abhiram Shibu

Jan 1, 2017
i have:
cpu: i5 6400
ram: 8 gb ddr4
gpu: zotac 1050ti dual fan
only when i play fortnite the cpu usage go to 100% istantly, can someone help me pls
Please do check if the cpu is thermal throttling to a lower frequency, also make sure its fortnite taking cpu, not any other program when fortnite is running..

Also do check the paging metrics in system performance monitor here is a guide how to do that Inspecting Page File Usage in Performance Monitor

If both are not the case and the game is not tampered with, try installing a new temporary install of windows and directly after basic drivers try running it.

Hope this helps :)


Dec 5, 2020
I tried to do everything you told me, the temperature of the cpu (35°) and the gpu (50°) are fine, the drivers and bios was updated to the newest version, the paging metrics are fine too. But i don't know how to install a new temporary install of windows, i reinstalled windows (becouse of this problem) some weeks ago if it has anything to do with it